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This is not an Online 24 hour service.

This is a static website of information only.

Sorry! I cant get involved in any situations, there are official sites and charities that do that, such as Action on Elder Abuse in the UK:  The site forums are a good place to go for information or maybe advice from others.

Elder Abuse is the last remaining taboo subject - the law and protection seem reluctant to get involved. Its up to everyone to unite and bring pressure on to the law and policy makers. Thanks for visiting the site.


If you have comments or suggestions about the site or any personal experiences to share.

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Action on elder abuse

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA), a UK charity, works to protect, and prevent the abuse of, vulnerable older adults.

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Recognise and report abuse

Uk Government page to help with Elder abuse. Information in one easy place and advice. Also covers reporting to the police.

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Age UK

A combined charity "help The Aged" and "Age Concern". More general information here but not much on Elder Abuse.

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We all grow old. Who will look after you? How safe will you be?