Is the service safe? CQC report

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Is the service safe? CQC report

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Sordid conditions, shocking neglect: Inspectors slam 'unsafe' care home's mouldy walls, soiled waste in the bathroom and overpowering stench of urine

- Merok Park in Banstead, Surrey, was immediately closed after inspection
- Residents were urgently evacuated after home was deemed 'serious risk'
- Alfred Dodd, 85, died barely 48 hours after being moved out in December
- Home rated as 'inadequate' in report published by health watchdog today
- Staff were rough with residents, newly released watchdog findings reveal
- Smell of urine was overpowering and some rooms had no hot water
- Inspectors also found mould on the walls and stained carpets inside

Inspectors found inadequate staffing levels, poor emergency planning, little or no staff training, and filthy conditions inside the home.

Floors were 'sticky and stained', the carpet had worn thin, and in some places the exposed floorboards were rotting away.

Both sluice rooms were unusable, filled with buckets of dirty water, and there was nowhere to dispose of used gloves or aprons.

Bathrooms had no hot water, broken taps and stained toilets. Curtains in rooms were broken or missing completely, and seven out of 15 rooms inspected had no call bells for residents.

Due to a lack of staff, some carers were found working 66 hour weeks. One member of staff was working 12 hour days for seven days straight to fill gaps in the rota.

Despite the care home owner listing themselves as a second nurse on the rota, staff said they rarely saw him in the home, and at one point there was one nurse left to care for 26 people.

As a result patients calling out for help went ignored for hours, while another being helped to eat was rushed, and had food stuffed into their mouth before they had time to chew properly.

The report said: 'One new member of staff told us they had not been asked to provide references and the provider had not undertaken a [criminal background check] prior to them starting work.'

Staff were so poorly trained that several did not know how to operate a hoist to get vulnerable people into their chairs.

When staff tried to move one man he lashed out. Inspectors said: We saw staff grab them by their wrist. The person the fell on the floor as staff were unable to carry out the correct manual handling procedures.'

Fire crews said recommendations on safety made to the home in 2013 had not been completed, and the last fire drill was in January of that year.

One worker who visited said it was 'the most uncomfortable care home visit I’ve ever done.'

Is the service effective?
A lack of staff meant that residents were left for weeks at a time without being properly checked up on or given appropriate care.

Despite repeated request from one patient's family to have a dentist visit, nothing was done. When a friend eventually checked the patient's mouth themselves, four teeth fell out.

Another person requested a visit from a GP after suffering from pain in their legs, but this was only dealt with when inspectors pointed it out, despite weeks of agony.

In other cases, a person who was allergic to fish was served fish and chips for lunch, and despite on patient being diabetic, there was no record of staff checking their glucose levels.

Inspectors noted: 'We saw staff putting food in people’s mouths before they had a chance to finish the previous mouthful. We saw plates being taken away with most of the food left on them.

'We observed lunch and dinner being served and saw people who required support or encouragement by staff to eat did not receive this.

'One person, who was nursed in bed, was not supported to sit up in bed in order to eat their meal.'

The few staff that were on duty were woefully ill-equipped to deal with the task at hand.

The report says: 'One member of staff told us they had not had an induction when they started work at the service.

'They told us they had not had any training but that they “followed” another member of staff around to understand how to undertake the role.'

Inspectors watched two carers take 20 minutes to move a man from his wheelchair to an armchair, during which they became very anxious.

While sitting down, other elderly people were pushed so close to tables they couldn't stand up, while others who managed to stand were lead back to their seats.

Is the service caring?
In one of the most shocking sections, the report says: 'One person told us, “This place is going to kill me.”

'The smell of urine in the home was overpowering when we arrived and continued throughout the day. We went into 11 bedrooms. In one room the floor was sticky underfoot and there was a strong smell of urine and mould on the walls and under the sink, which was broken.

'Another room only had one tap in the sink for hot water. A further room had a large number of stains on the carpet and had a strong smell of urine coming from it.

'Another room was cold and only had tepid water coming from the hot water tap and again the floor was sticky and dirty. Every room we went into had the curtains hanging down and one room had no curtains at all.

'One room had wall lights just above the bed, neither of these had lightshades and there was no bulb leaving the person at risk of burning themselves as it was within reach of them.

'The furniture in rooms was old and dirty. In the dining room there were stained plastic table cloths on the tables which were old and dirty. The chairs around them were wobbly and falling apart.'

One elderly patient wandering the corridors in obvious distress and smeared with faeces was told to 'shut up' by staff, who otherwise ignored them.

When the manager attempted to take one person to the toilet, they found another resident slumped on it asleep with their feet propped up.

Another patient had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor 'for several months', while a third with a full catheter bag only had it changed after inspectors pointed it out.

Staff were also found being rough with patients while putting on slings or changing dressings. As two workers helped one person into a dressing gown they cried out in pain.

Another person said: “Nobody understands me. I don’t ask for help anymore, I sit about a lot. I sit around and cry because I’m unhappy."

Is the service responsive?
Most residents were left sitting in their chairs with nothing to do all day. Inspectors said one person 'sat in their chair from 9.30am until 5.30pm' and was only spoken to at mealtimes.

There were notes kept on activities patients liked and hobbies they enjoyed, but the activities room was empty and abandoned. When staff were asked about it, they said it was used as a staff room.

When two staff members were asked about one patient, they were unable to give any details about him, including his name, saying only that he 'suffered from dementia'.

Asked about a complaints policy for residents, staff said they didn't know one existed.

Is the service well-led?
The report said: 'People told us the provider was hardly ever in the home and only spoke to them that day because we were inspecting the home.

'Despite being the second nurse on rota duty each day, he could not tell us peoples preferred names or their clinical diagnoses.

'Despite being on the rota each day the interim manager had not seen him at the home for three months. People told us they had never seen the provider doing any work.

'One staff member said: “He (the provider) won’t do anything. This is what we have to put up with. I was brought in to help turn things around, but nothing has changed.

"He’s done nothing at all. Look at the (interim) manager, he’s exhausted, you can see it in his face.”'

The lift at the home broke in October last year, trapping fragile patients upstairs, but it was only fixed after the interim manager took on the task himself.

When inspectors demanded to see health and safety paperwork for Merok Park, they were given the papers for a different home.

Despite demanding the right paperwork this did not appear because the provider claimed he had 'lost it'.

Thanks to Daily Mail - full article here: ... -died.html
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