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  • Stop elder abuse - thief and old lady

    Middle-aged children of elderly parents are the people most likely to steal their cash, valuables and their homes, a report claimed. Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) said 53 per cent of theft, fraud and deception cases reported to its helpline last year were blamed on the victims' own sons or daughters.

    More than £2 million was reported as stolen or coerced from older people during the 12 months, AEA said.

  • Stop Elder Abuse and old lady

    Half a million elderly people suffer abuse at any one time, it was claimed yesterday. And almost half of these are victims of those who owe them the most help - their own families - said a charity report. In one in four cases, the victim's own son or daughter is responsible for the cruelty.

    The report from Help the Aged suggested that care workers, who are frequently accused of mistreating the elderly, are less likely to cause harm than family members. The abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional or financial mistreatment.

  • Older lady - worried

    Thousands of pensioners are being abused in their homes by their children, care workers and friends, a report reveals. Almost 350,000 were neglected, robbed and sexually harassed last year, according to the first nationwide survey of abuse of the elderly.

    And the figure is likely to be higher, the report says, because the seriously-ill and those with dementia were not interviewed for the study. Neither was abuse in care homes and hospitals included.

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    Scotland: Report highlights 'elder abuse'

    Posted by Admin on 5 September 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse.

    Older lady - worried

    Scotland has one of the worst records on the abuse of older people in the UK, according to a new report. The research by Comic Relief and the UK Department of Health found that most of the victims of elder abuse were men.

    t said up to 42,000 older people in Scotland were abused in a number of ways, including physically and sexually, in their own or family homes. The charity Action on Elder Abuse has called for immediate action by the Scottish Executive to change attitudes.

What we need is prevention, intervention and possible prosecution.