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    Meet the BUPA care home staff bullies.

    Posted by Admin on 7 December 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the community.

    Old lady holding hands

    They were elderly, suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and needed the best possible care at their Bupa nursing home. Instead the frail residents were bullied, assaulted and terrorised by care workers who recorded their ‘despicable’ behaviour on their mobile phones for fun. Yesterday the ‘appalling’ video footage of a vulnerable 99-year-old woman and a man of 86 being mistreated by their three carers led to the carers being jailed.

    Edith Askham, who died later aged 100, is shown being bullied and treated roughly as she sits helplessly on the floor pleading ‘help me…I am frightened’.

    Earlier, when it was suggested that Hullah, who was 19 at the time, had not received adequate training, the judge was barely able to conceal his fury commenting: "You don’t need training in ordinary human decency". Read more and meet the cowardly bullies.

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    80-year-old victim of thugs

    Posted by Admin on 7 October 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the community.


    An elderly woman died after falling down a manhole outside her house when thugs who had been making her life a misery removed the cover. Friends said the frightened 80-year-old often waited to return from work late at night, hoping to avoid the yobs outside her house. It emerged she had suffered regular abuse from the youths, who smashed the glass in her front door when she stood up to them.

    After falling, Mrs Ward spent three hours trapped in the hole before neighbours heard her desperate cries for help.The pensioner was treated in hospital but later died of a blood clot.

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    Dignity for the elderly is put on hold AGAIN

    Posted by Admin on 5 September 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the home.

    Old lady holding hands

    His voice shaking with emotion, Tony Blair declared way back in 1997: 'I don't want my children brought up in a country where the only way pensioners can get long-term care is by selling their home.' And what did he do about it? Why, he set up a Royal Commission. And when it reported two years later, calling for free care for all who needed it, he simply rejected it. And that was that.

    Hence, eight pensioners every day are still forced to sell their homes to pay for care they had every right to expect from the state, after lifetimes of paying taxes and National Insurance.

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    The shameful neglect - Tony Robinson

    Posted by Admin on 5 September 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the home.


    Hidden Beneath the surface of our shiny bright, ultra-modern world of broadband, botox and in-car satellite navigation is a whole generation we've conveniently forgotten. They fought and defeated Hitler, and their reward was the promise of a Welfare State that would provide them with security when they were sick or old, or both.

    The golden promise of 1945 has, all too often, turned into a nightmare of loneliness, sickness and humiliation. There are other elderly people whose lives are so shockingly miserable that you might expect the whole nation to rise up in fury. Unfortunately, we don't.

They are afraid to speak out because they feel vulnerable.