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    Meet a murderer - Shiela Jones Financial abuse.

    Posted by Admin on 30 October 2011 | Category: Murder for financial gain.

    Victim of financial abuse

    A woman who battered her 92-year-old grandmother to death after stealing her life savings has been jailed for a minimum of 22 years and six months.

    The court heard that over a period of eight months last year Jones withdrew £6,800 from her grandmother's account in 14 separate transactions and continued to withdraw money at the start of 2011. Sheila Jones, 36, of Brownhills Road, Norton Canes, Staffordshire, admitted murder at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

    Taking her savings was callous and cruel, but taking her life is unforgivable.

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    Meet a thief - Financial abuse.

    Posted by Admin on 30 July 2011 | Category: Financial Elder Abuse.

    Victim of financial abuse

    A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a woman who befriends elderly men through lonely hearts columns before fleecing them of their savings.

    The thief, Loraine Upritchard, who earlier told police she hated men, was jailed for a year in 2009 after luring victims in local papers before taking their cash. She fleeced the men she befriended of at least £20,000, though police say the figure could be as high as £100,000.

    She is presently being sought by the police as she failed to turn up in court in Lewes, Sussex, for sentencing.

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    Meet a victim - Physical abuse.

    Posted by Admin on 30 June 2011 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the family.

    Victim of financial abuse

    Schoolgirl sisters aged 14 and 15 'scoured internet for 'easy' ways to kill grandfather, 89, and get their inheritance early'. Two schoolgirls were part of a 'shocking' family plot to kill their own grandfather and steal his inheritance early, a court heard.

    The sisters, aged 14 and 15, scoured the internet with their 48-year-old mother, 18-year-old brother and his 16-year-old girlfriend for 'the easiest way to kill an old person', it is alleged. He was 'set upon' by his grandson - who went on to steal £355 of his grandfather's pension from inside the house - and then his granddaughters began to hit him with bricks concealed in plastic bags.

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    Meet a victim - Financial abuse.

    Posted by Admin on 9 February 2011 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the family.

    Victim of financial abuse

    A social worker who hid his mother's death from her family as he tried to change her will has been branded a 'disgrace'. Kenneth Mould concealed his mother Evelyn's death for over a year and deceived family members by telling them she was 'in the garden' when they called for her.

    Mould took advantage of the 86-year-old's severe mental impairment and forced her to replace her will with a new document which made him the sole beneficiary.

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    Meet a bully - bullied elderly women as a joke

    Posted by Admin on 9 January 2011 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the community.

    One of the bullies

    Two care workers were banned from the profession for life today after using a glove puppet to bully elderly women as a joke. Helen Males, 34, and Eleni Saunders, 22, were employed to look after the frail women many suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's but instead the pair 'scared them for just for the fun of it'. They laughed while using a Green Goblin puppet to terrify women patients aged 87 and 91 in the home for the elderly. The two also found it amusing to flick the ears of the elderly ladies.

    Judge Philip Richards banned the pair from ever working in the care system again. He told them: "These offences were quite disgraceful. 'You were employed to look after people in the last years of their lives and to care for them, to provide for them and to ensure their safety. Instead of that you ridiculed them, you frightened them and caused them distress. You may wish to reflect on how you would feel if someone close to you was in a home and was being treated in a way you chose to treat these elderly people".

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    Action on Elder Abuse: Report on the CRB & Vetting

    Posted by Admin on 5 September 2010 | Category: Elderly Abuse in the home.

    Action on Elder Abuse

    The Vetting and Barring Scheme and the Criminal Records Bureau system are under review by the Government following significant criticism that they are intrusive and excessive. The review includes the option of scrapping the Vetting and Barring Scheme altogether.

    The voices of vulnerable adults have been missing from these debates. We agree with the need for a review, and the need to scale back and change the operation of the schemes. However, the complete removal of these schemes would result in increased access by abusers to vulnerable adults and a consequent increase in abuse.

    This report offers a balanced way of re-positioning the schemes to both protect and simultaneously respect the rights and responsibilities of the general public. Thanks to: Action on Elder Abuse.

They are afraid to speak out because they feel vulnerable.