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    Meet a conman and a thief: Ivan Taylor.

    Posted by Admin on 11 November 2012 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Ivan Taylor - a thief

    Heartless Ivan Taylor fleeced a grieving 85-year-old widower out of thousands of pounds - and used his credit card to buy hardcore porn.

    The 50-year-old plumber, from Wincheap, conned James Campbell by telling him he was due a massive medical negligence pay-out from the National Health Service.

    Canterbury Magistrates' Court heard Taylor persuaded Mr Campbell to part with between £30,000 and £60,000 by depositing it in a special bank account he had set up. Full story here.

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    Meet an abuser: Davina Lily Norris aged 29 - A carer.

    Posted by Admin on 14 October 2012 | Category: Physical Abuse of the Elderly.

    Davina Lily - an abuser

    A carer has been jailed for five years after pouring boiling water onto an elderly man and hitting him round the head with a kettle. Davina Lily Norris, 29, became angry when the 61-year-old refused to give her money for drugs and launched the attack at his home in Accrington, Lancashire.

    She also threatened to kill him if he got blood on her white jeans, Burnley Crown Court heard. Following the assault the victim suffered first degree burns, a head wound and permanent scarring.

    ...Norris followed the victim out of the house as he ran into the street in Accrington crying for help... Catch up on this brutal attack here.

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    Meet a thief: Owen Danter - Bank Manager.

    Posted by Admin on 1 April 2012 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Owen Danter - a thief

    A bank manager abused his position of authority to steal £128,000 from elderly women customers to fund his champagne lifestyle, a court heard yesterday. Owen Danter, 33, targeted pensioners who ‘always asked for him personally’ because they trusted him and he knew they rarely checked their savings accounts.

    Despite siphoning off tens of thousands of pounds over four years, the Santander Bank branch manager was never suspected and his thefts were not picked up by quarterly audits.

    One "victim" was actually dead when he stole £8,400 and closed her account. Catch up on this tale of fraud here.

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    HSBC claw back bonuses re elderly saver scandal.

    Posted by Admin on 4 March 2012 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    HSBC scandal

    This item has had its fair amount of coverage in the forums . There are various posts and campaigns and demands! Age UK have now agreed to "give back" the money they received from the deals.

    HSBC is set to strip its executives of part of their bonuses for the role they played in a mis-selling scandal that affected thousands of elderly savers. At HSBC, employees within its Nursing Home Fees Agency had persuaded pensioners as old as 94 to gamble their life savings on risky investments they might not have lived to see pay out.

    Thousands of frail care home residents saw their life savings devastated by rogue financial advisers. Catch up on the whole sorry story here.

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    Elder Abuse: Known and trusted by the victim.

    Posted by Admin on 25 January 2012 | Category: Elder Abuse by the family.

    Family Abuse

    More elderly people in Sheffield are being "financially abused" by their relatives because of the economic downturn, said the city council.

    Many of the cases were a "breach of trust". "Obviously older people in particular are very vulnerable to being persuaded into giving their money away or abused by their money being taken or theft occurring". Gary Fitzgerald, Action on Elder Abuse, said "It's horrible to say but most of the time it's the son or daughter stealing from the parents."

    Many of the victims did not raise the issue with the relative for fear of being isolated.

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    Meet a thief - Financial abuse.

    Posted by Admin on 29 January 2012 | Category: Financial Elder Abuse.

    Financial Abuse

    A legal secretary has admitted stealing nearly £500,000 from clients' accounts.

    One of 25-year-old Leanne Harris's two victims was an elderly woman, in her 80's, over whom she had power of attorney, Hove Crown Court was told.

    Leanne Harris, 25, wrote false cheques out in the name of a Mr Harris, depriving Joan Watson of more than £419,000 of her money.

    Some time before joining Arscotts, Harris set up her own company through which she approached charities offering a free wills service. The court was told that it was believed to have been through this service that she came into contact with Ms Turnbull.

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    Action on Elder Abuse: CQC - value for money?

    Posted by Admin on 29 January 2012 | Category: Fighting Elderly Abuse.

    Action on Elder Abuse

    The Public Accounts Committee at the Houses of Parliament held a scrutiny meeting on 25 January 2012 to consider whether or not CQC was delivering value for money. The CEO of Action on Elder Abuse, Gary FitzGerald, gave evidence to the Committee and you can watch the full hearing by following the link below.

    The No Secrets work has gone very quiet over the last eighteen months, but there has been some useful activity going on behind the scenes. And two long awaited documents have now been published, view or download by following the links. Thanks to: Action on Elder Abuse.

They are afraid to speak out because they feel vulnerable.