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    Online book published: Elderly - Stay Safe Online.

    Posted by Admin on 22 February 2014 | Category: Information "stay safe online".

    Stay Safe Online

    Though many elderly are cutting edge users of Internet services, some are beginners when it comes to computer technology. Just spending more time online will help you feel more comfortable with the ins and outs of navigating online and interacting on Web sites. Once familiarised with the tricks scammers and some less reputable companies use, you can simply avoid them.

    This booklet has a section on email security and internet browsing for a vulnerable elderly person trying to find help if they are being abused whilst not being detected by an abuser. There is a social media section with advices on instant messaging, quizzes, Facebook and more. There is a section also for online dating with advice on how to stay as safe as possible. Read it here.

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    Meet a Thief: Jennifer Bailey, 59 - revisited.

    Posted by Admin on 22 January 2014 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Jennifer Bailey

    This story has been ongoing and covered in the forums of this website. Lets catch up on what happened to this thief. There is also a view from the thief's brother and family. In total, Bailey, 59, fleeced her mum Mabel Shaw's estate to the tune of £63,000, carrying out a complex series of transactions using different accounts to hide her spending.

    Daughter stole £63,000 from elderly dementia-suffering mother and spent cash on lavish holidays and shopping sprees.

    Jennifer Bailey, 59, abused her position as a carer for Mabel Shaw Cleared her mother’s account of her last £22,000 on the day she died Final transaction meant there was no money to cover funeral costs. Catch up on this story here.

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    Meet a conman: Lawyer Keith Webber.

    Posted by Admin on 20 January 2014 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Keith Webber

    Lawyer, Keith Webber, made himself the beneficiary of vulnerable clients.

    A crooked probate lawyer stole £210,000 by writing himself into his clients' wills, charging inflating fees and convincing them to give him large cash 'gifts', a court heard.

    Keith Webber, 67, gained the trust of four 'elderly and vulnerable people' - including his own sister-in-law - who made him sole executor of their wills and trusted him implicitly.

    But he then used a variety of methods to steal their money, including exaggerating his fees and persuading them to sign over assets into his name, Bristol Crown Court heard. Full story here.

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    Meet a conwoman and a thief: Faye Gibson, 36.

    Posted by Admin on 23 January 2014 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Richard Lowery - a thief

    A carer who agreed to marry the 74-year-old she was looking after has been jailed after stealing the money he had saved to pay for his funeral.

    Drug addict Faye Gibson, 36, got engaged to vulnerable Alan Buck without his relatives knowing and then plundered his Post Office account, a court heard.

    The mother-of-one from Beverley, East Yorkshire, also stole money from another man she cared for, 96-year-old Eric Moran, after he had asked her to do some shopping for him.. Full story here.

They are afraid to speak out because they feel vulnerable.