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Stop Elder Abuse - Stop Elder Abuse Facebook

Facebook Group: Against Elder Abuse.

To raise awareness, and educate to prevent elderly abuse. We will all be old one day. If this group and the associated cause can raise sufficient numbers pressure can be bought to bear on Govts and health care teams.

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Stop Elder Abuse - Stop Elder Abuse Forums

Forums: Stop Elder Abuse.

This is the heart of the site. It is free to register and take part in any discussions or offer help and support to those in difficulties. Once membership is accepted you will have full access to all areas of the forums. Guests can view some of the content, but they cant post or contribute.

Stop Elder Abuse - Stop Elder Abuse Facebook

Facebook Cause: Against Elder Abuse - Now closed - visit the Facebook page.

About: To raise awareness, educate and hopefully prevent elderly people from being abused in their own home by carers, spouses, family, friends etc. If this cause is going to work please invite your friends when you join this group. Elder abuse could happen to you, family or friends - please help raise awareness. Elder Abuse is a crime and it must stop. Thank you.
1. elderly people should not be abused
2. animals have more legal protection than an elderly person being abused
3. you will be old one day - you may be abused. Its got to stop now

Stop Elder Abuse - AEA website page

"Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) works to protect, and prevent the abuse of, vulnerable older adults. We were the first charity to address these problems and are the only charity in the UK and in Ireland working exclusively on the issue today".

In 1993 they established the definative definition of elder abuse. This has been subsequently adopted by the World Health Organisation, is promoted by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, and has been variously adopted by countries throughout the World. Their work is fundamental to challenging elder abuse in the UK and they constantly need financial support to continue activities. Although they are as effective as many of the bigger charities, they receive only a fraction of their income. Visit their website and help them continue to make a difference.

Many elder abuse perpetrators are family members dependent on the victim.